Quality Systems

Analog Devices uses a zero defect approach to deliver the highest quality solutions to our customers. We engage with our customers early throughout the development process and employ a disciplined approach for building in quality and reliability from product conception through release. Utilizing our globally managed, regionally deployed Quality Management Systems, teams and advanced analysis labs, ADI can ensure the highest level of responsiveness to customer quality needs that meet or exceed internationally recognized standards.

Quality Management Systems

Certifications Timeline

ADI has always been at the forefront of building world class quality, environmental, health & safety management systems around the most highly recognized and respected international standards. Early deployment, registration and continuous improvement of these systems has served as the foundation of our Total Quality Management philosophy and enabled ADI to become a recognized leader within the semiconductor industry.



Total Quality Management (TQM)

Analog Devices is committed to Total Quality Management and the philosophy of continuous improvement embodied in its principles. It is our objective to learn continuously from each other, our customers, and our suppliers, and to work together to improve our products, services and operations.  Our TQM process insures alignment between improvement activity and key strategic objectives.  We are integrating and diffusing improvement practices in a coordinated and evolutionary way throughout all ADI sites with over 1000 success stories since its adoption distinguished at an annual Quality Festival to recognize teams for their accomplishments.

Change Management (PCN/PDN)

PCN Policy Statement

Analog Devices' Product/Process Change Notice (PCN) policy is in compliance with J-STD-046. We notify our customers of major changes that may affect device form, fit, function, quality, or reliability. Analog Devices reserves the right to make changes on products without notice when such changes are considered minor and do not interfere with the general purpose (form, fit, function, quality, or reliability) for which such items are manufactured. If a change affects published specifications, the specifications will be updated the next time the datasheet is published. PCN's are published 90 days prior to shipping changed material. Any requests for samples of changed material or additional information must be made within 30 days of the notification. 

PCN’s will contain, at a minimum, the following information: 

  • PCN number
  • Publication date
  • Effectivity date, which is the earliest possible date a customer could expect to receive changed material.
  • Description of change
  • Reason for change
  • Anticipated impact of the change (positive or negative) on fit, form, function, quality, or reliability
  • Analog Devices model numbers affected by the change
  • Supporting information
  • Contact information

Questions or comments on the PCN policy or a particular PCN can be directed to one of the four regional contacts below or your local Analog Devices sales contact.

PCN/PDN Help Documentation (pdf)


Analog Devices' Product Discontinuance Notice (PDN) policy is in compliance with JESD48. Our PDN's provide a 12 month Last Time Buy (LTB) period and 18 month Last Time Ship (LTS) period from date of notification. PDN's will contain, at a minimum, the following information: 

  • PDN number
  • Publication date
  • Last Time Buy date
  • Last Time Ship date
  • Reason for Discontinuance
  • Analog Devices models affected by the notice
  • Recommended Replacement Parts
  • Supporting information
  • Contact information

Questions or comments on the PDN policy or a particular PDN can be directed to one of the four regional contacts below or your local Analog Devices sales contact. 

PCN/PDN Help Documentation (pdf)