Reliability Program

ADI has always placed the highest emphasis on delivering products that meet the highest levels of reliability. We achieve this by incorporating quality and reliability checks not only in all realms of product and process design, but in the manufacturing process as well. This is achieved by our five step reliability program which includes Design for Reliability, Built in Reliability, Device Level Reliability, Wafer Level Reliability and the Reliability Monitoring Program.

Analog Devices is committed to continuous improvement of its world-class reliability levels and has some of the highest reliability in the industry. We invite you to learn more through the links below:

Reliability Focus Throughout the Product Lifecycle
Reliability Built in From the Earliest Stages of Development
  • Building In Reliability

    The reliability groups work in tandem with the process development and manufacturing engineers when they are developing new technologies to facilitate Building in Reliability (BIR).

  • Design for Reliability

    Reliability experts continuously engage with designers and Manufacturing to design reliability into all new products.

  • Evaluation of Failure Mechanisms

    Reliability Engineers work closely with Design and Manufacturing Engineers to identify and eliminate potential unintended interactions between product designs, fabrication processes, and IC packages, thus maximizing overall reliability.

  • Qualification Planning

    Qualification planning methodology allows high-quality reliability decisions to be made about the qualification process and reliability criteria by a team of project engineers who, by the nature of their involvement, are exceptionally knowledgeable on these issues.

Validated Throughout
Product Life Cycle
  • Reliability Monitoring

    Production units are randomly pulled and subjected to rigorous stress tests to demonstrate product reliability on an ongoing basis.

  • Product Analysis

    The Analog Devices product analysis groups are dedicated to providing customers with uncompromising support, whatever the issue. ADI demands that product analysis techniques be flawless and that analyst teams be comprised of highly trained and skilled professionals.

  • Expertise on
    ESD Controls

    Analog Devices helps customers understand board-level and system-level EOS/ESD Protection.

Validated Prior to Product Release
  • Qualification Testing

    ADI works with its customers to study and understand the application and environment in which the product will be used to establish the appropriate levels of quality and reliability. These are then built into the product design and manufacturing flows and verified at the qualification stage of the new product cycle.

  • Process and Package Robustness

    Accelerated reliability stress tests are performed to validate product robustness.

  • EOS/ESD Robustness

    ADI design rules and proprietary design techniques for achieving CDM and HBM ESD robustness also guarantee MM ESD robustness.

reliable-imgThe ADI Reliability Handbook focuses on activities and criteria used by Analog Devices to produce reliable, high-quality products that meet customer requirements. The handbook conveys the embedded philosophies of quality and reliability that are embodied in every step of our manufacturing process and personnel. Analog Devices is committed to its customers' needs and its quest for excellence through continuous improvements at all levels in design, manufacturing, and support.
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