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Welcome to the frontlines of Industry 4.0. Field instruments combine sensors, actuators, intelligent signal processing, and robust communications while often operating in the harshest of environments. These Intelligent Edge devices are responsible for capturing, interpreting, and communicating data to the cloud, where algorithms and analytics transform it into insights and actions.

But the understanding realized in the cloud is only as good as the data captured at the node. Today’s legacy 4 mA to 20 mA field instruments have inherent power constraints that can limit their ability to meet Industry 4.0 demands for increasing edge intelligence, safety, and security, while power and bandwidth challenges have limited Ethernet functionality in industrial settings up to this point.

In answer to these challenges, ADI provides innovative power solutions, advanced sensing capability, precision measurement, safety through diagnostics, and superior Ethernet-APL connectivity in tough environments, with highly secure microcontrollers leveraging high-efficiency AI to protect data every step of the way.

Empower the Intelligent Edge with Next-Generation Field Instruments

Advances in measurement, processing, security, connectivity, and power management technologies support the development of more intelligent field instruments, enabling data-driven insights and the digital transformation of the process industry. Unlock new data and insights and improve facility efficiency with technologies such as Ethernet-APL, smart ultra low power data converters, and highly secure microcontrollers with high efficiency AI acceleration and wireless connectivity.

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Learn how ADI is simplifying the development of Field Instruments, bringing Ethernet-APL all the way to the process edge.

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Ethernet-APL: Optimization of Process Automation with Actionable Insights

Ethernet-APL will change process automation by enabling high bandwidth, seamless Ethernet connectivity to field devices. It solves challenges of power consumption, bandwidth, cabling, distance, and in-field hazards that have limited the use of Ethernet connectivity in industrial settings. Properly deploying this new standard will unlock new possibilities for industrial data analysis, operational insights, and productivity through a converged Ethernet network from the field to the cloud.

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Creative Low Power Solutions for Field Instrumentation and Factory Automation

Modern factories and process plants are relying on an increasing array of remote sensors to monitor operations and identified areas for optimization. These intelligent field devices require analog front ends that achieve low power consumption without compromising the accuracy, stability, and linearity required to generate insights from the edge. Bringing these sometimes competing requirements together in a single system can require integration of specific circuit functions, as well as careful optimization across the signal chain.

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