Galileo: Wired Condition Monitoring Video

The Galileo condition monitoring platform showcases a new vibration monitoring solution from Analog Devices with 10BASE-T1L single-pair Ethernet connectivity that enables access to asset health and powering the sensors over two wires for distances up to 1 km. The ADXL359 MEMS vibration sensor provides a low power, low noise multi-axis sensing solution and ADIN1110 10BASE-T1L MAC-PHY provides single-pair Ethernet connectivity to a low power processor via a simple SPI interface, removing the need for the processor to have an integrated MAC by providing more flexibility on the choice of processor for edge processing. The combination of the ADXL359 and ADIN1110 will enable new condition monitoring sensors for vibration sensing that are lower power, have a smaller form factor, are remotely powered, and can be deployed in remote, harsh industrial applications.